The Importance of Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering, and Thermography Services

Engineering companies also carry out feasibility studies to investigate the viability of the project. It’s an important step to for decision making process for large scale production.  Feasibility Study Carryout During Pre Planning Stage. Study  include Analysis of Project with Respect to Different Parameters Like Technical Regulation, Legal Legislation & Policies, Human Resources, Operation and Maintenance Criteria, Capital Cost and Running Cost, Technical Market Analysis, Quality and Many More. Through feasibility studies, companies can identify all the potential issues in a project and address them immediately to prevent delays and save money.

The process of studying every aspect of project development is called detailed engineering. Only licensed and experienced experts who have an extensive background in various fields of engineering are qualified to offer this service. Aside from the industrial sector, companies in different sectors like energy, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, mining, and gas and oil also benefit from it.

Detailed engineering must be done before the actual project commences. It is performed after Front-End Engineering Design and Basic Engineering because it deals with the client-approved PFDs and plot plans. During this phase, engineers use real and definitive diagrams and drawings for construction, equipment, and vessels. They also guide in the management of suppliers, scheduling of activities. Engineers likewise look into the environmental impacts of your project before the construction.

Steel, Power, Oil, Gas, Pharmaceutical & Petrochemical Plant are Running Contentious Throughout the Year with Critical Equipment in Line.  Thermography Service is used for Predictive Maintenance for Fault Finding and help reduce the risk of fire, equipment failure, and downtime. In the field of civil engineering,  thermography service is important for accurate and reliable evaluation of the present structural condition of a building. It will guide experts in fixing the damage and maintaining the structure.

The first two services mentioned above are done during the pre-investment stage. Meanwhile, thermography service is performed as part of maintenance and asset management.