Engineering Design

Basic Engineering

Master in engineering innovation & technical expertise

We understand the pressure & the lack of clarity faced by the organizations at the initial phase of the project.

By analyzing technical, economic & legal aspects we ensure the likelihood of getting the project completed successfully by accessing the practicality of the project along with the risks and returns associated with it.

Feasibility Study
Prebid support

Detailed Engineering

experts in achieving your goals with our expertise

Having a detailed eye for designing and working closely with your development team, we provide a suitable solution that ultimately helps achieve your goal. This service includes engineering system & equipment design for electrical and power systems, mechanical equipment, mechanical and thermal Systems, Including conceptual drawings, layouts, working drawings, design calculations taking safety compliance and regulatory support into consideration.

Design Calculation
System & Equipment Design
Working/Shopfloor Drawings
Technical Analysis
Techno-Commercial Comparisons
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Procurement Assistance
On-Site Consultation

Leading engineering, management, procurement and more...

We work with change-oriented executives to help You make better decisions. Our company is one of the world’s leading consulting firms. We help them make better decisions.

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