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Engineering, Mechanical Design and Power System Consulting Services


Engineering Competency & Expertise

We believe that accuracy comes with a combination of competency and experience, the continuous effort for skill development & knowledge up-gradation. Having considerable years of industry experience makes our deliverables more accurate & effective.

  • 17+ years of experience
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Useable deliverable


Technology & Infrastructure

We know that While Adapting to relevant technology, Proper Infrastructure is Required to Achieve the Aimed Result and that comes with our engineering competency and expertise. We believe that getting the right one and not the costliest one is the key.

  • Technology Adaptability
  • Up to Date infrastructure
  • Easy to Use Methodology


Standards + Regulation

Competency in standards and regulations comes with the 360° experience of engineering, technology & infrastructure. Complying to definite standards can solve 90% of the problems. We help the organization with required compliance first and then map the additional issues if there are any.

  • 100% Compliance
  • Easy for Execution
  • On-time support


How does working with Elegrow Technology help you?

Working as an engineering consultant (mainly as an Electrical Design Consultant, Mechanical design consultant & MEP Consultants) for many years now has added to our technical expertise. The results of any engineering system depend on its design as well as the methodology that has been followed while designing the system.

The general methodology/steps we follow –

  • Understand the requirement and the expected outcome from the proposed project
  • Evaluate the technical feasibility of the proposed engineering project
  • Analysis of applicable rules and regulations and their application
  • Application of relevant standards based on the engineering system
  • Preparation of engineering drawings/documents

Design that makes system better

Designers, engineers, and planners coming together
to deliver expertise and excellence

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Who We Are?

Elegrow Technology is an engineering Service organization that provides design, system studies & simulation, and technical services in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation & Process domains. With 20+ years of excellence serving across the sectors backed by effective techniques and a competent engineering team. As engineers, we thrive on the constant process of learning and improving, and we pride ourselves on bringing excellent results to our customers. Being worked as an electrical design consultant, Mechanical Design consultant & MEP Consultant over the years have helped us understand the various design/execution-related problems better to provide accurate solution to our clients.



  1. Design your imagination to make it a reality
  2. Provide Construction Monitoring & inspections at various stages to help you iterate on your success



  1. Pre-commissioning testing to help you prevent monetary losses
  2. Third-party inspection and Quality Assessment to ensure the best performance



  1. Make the asset management appear flawless
  2. Make the execution hassle-free with the help of technical compliance management & technical audit



  1. Stand by your side in case of any challenges after the project completion
  2. Identifying an issue and helping with remedy is our mastery

Our Engineering Excellence

Helping organizations get simplified solutions along with clarity

We not only provide the services but also educate organizations to leverage them better along with the simplified useable documentation



Why choose Elegrow?

Being a technically sound organization, we help you shape a complex situation in simple.

Our expertise allows you to delve into the possibilities without falling victim to its pitfalls. We provide you with the services to make it all within your grasp. We have committed talented & Professional teams to the rigor and attention to the details necessary to engineer a robust and viable solution for you

Adequate infrastructure
Subject matter expertise
100% Compliance
Attention to detailing
Embracing Dimensional Boundaries

Case studies

Helping Organizations & Businesses
Leads The Technology

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