System Studies & Simulation

System Studies and simulations

Power system studies are essential tools in understanding the expected performance of an electrical system and determining the severity of a fault or other unexpected event. This is the advanced methodology to design and verify the design to be more accurate. When done at the design stage gives more accurate results which help in effective planning.

Our client

Generally EXPERIENCED Challenges

Unavailability Of Software
Unaware Of The Existing And Upcoming Risks Involved
Unclear Of The Codes And Standards
Designed Structure Can Withstand The Stresses And Forces
Voltage drop Issues Across The Distribution System
Unaware of The Effects Of The External Loads And Forces
Fault Due To A Short Circuit In The Existing System
Not Sure If We Have Performed An Accurate FEA Analysis
Failure Of Equipment Even The Protection System Is In Place
Arc Flash Boundaries Are Not Defined

What value it will add

Helps with the system behaviour analysis before going ahead with the large investments
Optimize design which ultimately utilizes minimum possible resources and increases profitability
Optimum Safety and Reliability
Maximised equipment lifespan

Why Elegrow

We have been performing system studies and simulation services for the past 10 years. We do have all the needed software to conduct simulation studies with the updated licences. Being aware of the engineering codes and standards and being able to apply those to ensure reliable engineering practices is our strength.


10+ Years of experience


Licenced updated versions of software


Experienced and competent team


Standard Compliance


Designing & Commissioning experience

50 +
50 +
No of clients
3 +
Countries Served

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