System Studies & Simulation

System Studies & Simulation

Simulation-based on artificial intelligence and precise iterative process

We understand the difficulty of getting accurate results in critical situations, so we help you get error-free results with the help of advanced software. Simulation-based on artificial intelligence and precise iterative process. We provide model-driven Design, real-time Operation analysis, and intelligent Automation of electrical power systems using Core modeling tools that allow you to easily create, configure, customize, and manage the system.

We know at the planning, design, and operation stages of industrial and commercial power systems, it is important to evaluate existing and proposed system performance, reliability, safety, and economics.


At the planning stage, Studies, properly conceived and conducted, are a cost-effective way to prevent surprises and to optimize equipment selection. In the design stage, the studies identify and avoid potential deficiencies in the system before it goes into operation.

In existing systems and at the operation stage, the studies help locate the cause of equipment failure and misoperation and determine corrective measures for improving system performance.

Load Flow & Power flow Study
Short circuit analysis
Protective device Coordination Study
Cable sizing calculation
Motor starting study
Arc Flash Study
FEA Analysis
Stress Analysis
Dialax Study
Solar/Wind/Hybrid System Yield Analysis

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