Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Transmission & Distribution, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Power Generation

We provide value Engineering & Consulting services for successful implementation and execution of the Power Projects. With our team’s considerable experience in Power System, Thermal, Mechanical, Process & Chemical Engineering sectors place us in a unique position for understanding the nitty-gritties of the Power Generation sector and provide sustainable designs.
We offer our expertise in the following Subdomains
  • Thermal
  • Gas Fired Power Plants
  • Steam Power Plants
  • Waste to Energy
  • Industrial Power
  • Cogeneration (Heat & Power)
  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy is a key focus area of Elegrow Technology. Our teams unique experience is not only limited to providing Engineering & Consultancy services but we take pride that our team has Inventors who has worked in the field of Wind & Solar power Research & Development having their works published in renowned Journals including IEEE.
    We offer our expertise in the following Subdomains
  • Solar PV Power Projects (Rooftop and Ground Mounted)
  • Floating Solar Power Plants
  • Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic
  • Wind Power Projects (Onshore)
  • Hybrid Power Generation (Wind, Solar, Pumped Hydro etc)
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Decentralized Power
  • Micro & Smart Grid
  • Transmission & Distribution

    Transmission & Distribution is another key area of focus at Elegrow. With our in-depth exposure to Power System Studies we combine our field expertise with Software aided solutions using platforms such as ETAP for modelling the Transmission & Distribution networks, engineering a safe and reliable operation of Power System.
    We offer our expertise in the following Subdomains
  • High-Voltage Transmission (HVAC/HVDC/FACTS)
  • Distribution & Rural Electrification
  • Substations (AIS/GIS)
  • Smart Grids
  • Microgrids
  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

    From helping industries with small installations to multi megawatt projects, we can support your upstream, midstream, downstream Oil and Gas activities. We at Elegrow provide more emphasis on 3D representation of the projects which would help in visualizing the Power Plants before proceeding with the actual Implementation, besides giving highest priority to Environmental, Regulation and Safety compliance's.
    We offer our expertise in the following Subdomains
  • Upstream
    • Skid Design and Modelling
    • Static Equipment Design
    • Electrical System Design
    • Conditioning Monitoring
  • Downstream
    • Storage Tanks
    • Technical Audit
  • Services we Offer


    • Market Research
    • Strategic Planning
    • Concept Development
    • Survey and Mapping
    • Policy and Regulation Study


    • Feasibility Study
    • Energy Simulation
    • Conceptual Design Development
    • Pre-Bid Support
    • Technical Due Diligence


    System Study and Simulation

    • Load Flow /Power Flow Study
    • Short Circuit Analysis
    • Protective Device Co-Ordination
    • Arc Flash Study

    Engineering Design Consultancy

    • Mechanical & Thermal Design
    • Electrical & Power System Design
    • Civil & Structure Design
    • Piping and Instrumentation Design

    Commissioning Testing

    O&M and Asset Management

    Technical Audits

    • Energy Audits
    • Electrical Safety Audit
    • Power Quality Audit

    Asset Management

    • Technical Document Mapping
    • Condition Monitoring
        • Oil Analysis
        • Thermography
        • Vibration Analysis
        • Ultrasound Monitoring
        • Electromagnetic Monitoring
        • I V Curve Testing

    Health Assessment

    • Earthing System Assessment
    • Battery Health Assessment
    • Lightning Protection Study