As Build Documents – Adding in Accuracy

As Build Documents – Adding in Accuracy

As Build Documents – Adding in Accuracy

Manufacturing facilities/infrastructure companies/waste treatment plants have been building the facilities to last long for like 15 to 20 years. Currently, we all are living in a world where we experience a change in technology more often. Earlier technology used to change in 10-15 years but in current times we can see the transformation in 3-5 years only. Then there comes the question to embrace the change to survive the competition out there. And that is possible only if you have your existing data in place. Imagine the hustle you may go through if you don’t have all the as-built documents in place.

Let’s look at how over the years companies have been maintaining the documents using an old methodology that are –

1.    Measure tape

A tape measure, or measuring tape is a type of hand tool typically used to measure distance or size. Tape measures are often designed for specific uses or trades. Tapes may have different scales, be made of different materials, and be of different lengths depending on the intended use.

2.    Total station survey

Total stations are the primary survey instrument used in mining surveying. A total station is used to record the absolute location of the tunnel walls, ceilings (backs), and floors as the drifts of an underground mine are driven.

3.    Digital distance meter

A laser distance meter emits a pulse of laser at a target. The pulse then reflects off the target and back to the laser distance meter.

But as technologies are developing companies are slowly shifting towards automated error-free techniques to get more accurate results. And those are-

1.    3D Mapping total station survey

A typical prism with a back target. Used with survey and 3D point monitoring systems to measure changes in elevation and position of a point.

2.    GIS & Mapping

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. Help companies Improve decision-making with smart maps, spatial analytics, real-time tracking, and situational awareness.

3.    Lidar scanning

LiDAR technology has been around since the 1960’s when laser scanners were mounted to planes. This type of airborne LiDAR emitted light beams towards the surface of the ground to provide distance measurements. LiDAR data became a useful tool for providing accurate geospatial measurements.

4.    Drone & robotic mapping

Drone 3D mapping refers specifically to imagery captured by drones through the use of laser scanning, aerial photogrammetry techniques, and photogrammetry software which provides a realistic view of a site.

5.    3D point cloud survey

Point Cloud Surveys gather all the necessary geometry information and accurate color information of a facility and its systems, including any ornamental features (no matter how intricate or small). As a result, they dramatically reduce the amount of time spent surveying properties, eliminate errors, and improve accuracy.

What is As Build Document? And how to maintain that?

As-Built Drawings are the final set of drawings produced at the completion of an engineering project and include all the changes that have been made to the original engineering drawings. They usually contain modifications, field changes, design changes, extra works, and every change that was approved and made during the construction and commissioning phase, as well as handwritten notes and sketches explaining the changes.

And a correct as-built drawing is where the as-built documents match the design documents.

These drawings show all the minor and major modifications made by the contractor to the original drawing to provide an exact rendering of the project. The preparation and use of as-built drawings come into play after the initial phase of the project. shows all the variations in shape, dimensions, locations, materials, and specifications from the original drawing. These drawings can be saved as a future reference to study the changes that emerge throughout the construction process.

Who is responsible to build the as build drawing?

Generally, a person who knows the exact site condition should prepare these drawings/documents. Through our experience, we have heard many times that engineering consultants are supposed to prepare the documents. Absolutely engineering consultants be competent enough to do so but to create accurate drawings/documents, studying and tracking every detail of the project development from the start to finish is necessary. So the contractor would be the right person to make a final as-built document by either preparing those themselves or at least marking the changes on the documents/drawings provided by the engineering consultants to make it relevant and practical.

Benefits of As Build Drawing

  1. As-built drawings provide precise details about the changes performed at any interim stage of the project. It facilitates easy visualization of the upcoming steps, notices of complications, and early solving of issues.
  2. As-built drawings provide details of installations to the owners and clients to help them with any future modifications of the structure.
  3. As-built drawings are valuable documents that provide future buyers with a clear idea of what is sold and purchased. It also forms a foundation to conduct future modifications.
  4. As the practicality is documented, it avoids any miss interpretation
  5. Imagined projections are harmful. Risk analysis and assessment be easy with the as-built documents in place.
  6. It makes the overall process standardized, hence increasing the accuracy.

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