Technical Services

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Technical Services

In Order to Achieve High Reliability and Performance of Equipment & systems, Pre and Post Commissioning Testing & Performance Audit Help to Manage the Overall Assets Through Lifetime.

Third party audit

Third Party Audits


UAV Survey & Data Collection

Our client


Want to check if we are ready for the audit
Don’t have the required infrastructure
Don’t have the required competent team
Looking for expert opinion
Unaware of the standards but we need standard compliance
Need To Monitor Asset Conditions
Need To Optimize Resources
Want To Increase The Reliability And Profitability
Need To Maintain Safe Work Practices
Need To Know The Action Plan For Corrective Measures


100% standard & regulatory compliance
Further action plan
As built documents verifications
Data collection and mapping
Asset condition testing
Energy Resource optimization
Analysis of the existing safety practices
Step-by-step assistance to

What makes us stand out from the crowd


100% standard & regulatory compliance


competent engineering team


advanced technology


smart analysis methodology


20+ years of experience

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I am a business owner/project manager/plant head and

Technical Services

Why elegrow

As per our relevant field experience and expertise we know sometimes in complex businesses like engineering it becomes difficult to find the causes of particular losses/causes. But in this nature of the industry, it is crucial to get the possible costeffective solution in the minimum possible time. We help companies by finding the root of causes and by providing effective solutions to minimize those.

50 +
Data collection & Mapping
500 +
Condition monitoring testing
150 +
Third-party audits

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