Technical Services

Technical Services

High Reliability and Performance of Equipment & System

In Order to Achieve High Reliability and Performance of Equipment & System, Pre and Post Commissioning Testing & Performance Audit Help to Manage the Overall Assets Through Lifetime.

Data collection & Mapping
Condition Monitoring
Performance Audit
Safety & compliance audit
Survey & mapping

As per our relevant field experience and expertise we know sometimes in complex businesses like engineering it becomes difficult to find the causes of the particular losses/cause. But in this nature of the industry, it is crucial to get the possible cost-effective solution in the minimum possible time. We help companies by finding the root of causes and by providing effective solutions to minimize those.


Elegrow offers an intermediate solution to neutralize the OEM Guidelines and system performance. We follow a multi-dimensional approach right from analyzing the equipment to analyzing the end system. To prevent the incurred losses due to the introduction of inefficient equipment to the system, we evaluate general safety, performance, and abnormality parameters with the help of pre-commissioning and operational testing.

Condition Monitoring
Power quality study
IV Curve Testing
Online motor efficiency
Partial discharge testing
Performance Audit
Energy Audit
Technical Due Diligence
Safety & Compliance Audit
Electrical safety audit
Earthing system health assessment
Lightning protection adequacy study
Survey & Mapping
Drone survey
Data collection & mapping

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