Energy Asset Management

Energy Asset management

Across the world power sector reforms and infrastructure development is at their peak and new assets of renewable energy are being developed worldwide. But maintaining the assets is a real challenge. Condition monitoring is a key factor in the case of smart asset management. The cost of operation & maintenance is less in the renewable energy sector due to high competition.


PV Power Plant


Solar + Wind Hybrid Plant


Battery Storage Energy System


EV Charging Infrastructure

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Don’t know how To Check The Modules Performance
Need to Check The Battery Health To Avoid A Battery Failure
Not Getting The Estimated Generations
Don’t have The Needed Instrument For The Asset Management
Facing Humming And Multiple System Failure Issues
Our Team And Required Instruments Are Busy With Other Projects
Facing Nuisance Tripping In The System
unable to monitor insulation conditions of the system
Unaware Of The Applications Of The Relevant Standards
not getting estimated returns on an investment


Drone mapping & Thermography
IV Curve Testing
Power Quality Analsys
Earthing System Health Assessment
Lightning Protection System Adequacy
Partial Discharge Testing
Battery Health Assessment
Air & gas Leakage Detection

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Competent Engineering team


Owned infrastructure


Knowledge about standards & technology


Pan India service

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Energy Asset Management

Why Elegrow

We are into this since 2008 and have worked with more than 100+ companies and helped them achieve accurate and reliable O&M
practices. In 90%+ cases the actions performed by the companies according to our recommendation have been fruitful as we
provide result-oriented activities.

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