Cad Drafting & 3D Modelling

2D AND 3D Cad Drafting & Modelling

CAD, or Computer-Aided Design, is a type of software that is commonly used by designers, engineers, and construction professionals to represent drawings. It is also sometimes used in the media industry to create visual effects. In CAD drafting, the technical plans or outlines that demonstrate how something will function are prepared. CAD Drafting is a way to form these plans with software instead of by hand, usually in either 2-D or 3-D models and the same is done with the help of various software like AutoCAD 2D, AutoCAD 3D, Revit, Solidworks

With Elegrow Technology’s experienced and competent team, we help facilities with accurate CAD drafting that ensures designs are produced correctly and safely. By using CAD drafting software to create precise and accurate technical drawings, designers can reduce the risk of errors and improve the efficiency and quality of production processes.

The following elements can be demonstrated with the help of CAD Drafting

○ General Arrangement Drawing
○ Layouts
○ Section and Elevations
○ Isometric Drawings
○ Fabrication
○ Assembly
○ 3D Model
○ Schematic Diagram
○ Basic SLD
○ Detailed SLD
○ Lighting Layout
○ Cable Route Layout
○ Communication Architecture
○ Wiring Diagram
○ Electrical Panel GA
○ Earthing Layout
○ Equipment Layout
Structural & Civil
○ General Arrangement Drawing
○ Layouts
○ Sections & Elevation
○ Foundation Planning
○ Slab Planning
○ Fabrication Drawing
○ 3D Modelling
○ Equipment Layouts
○ plant Layouts
○ Section & Elevations
○ Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
○ Space Planning
○ isometric Drawing
○ Cable Route Layout
○ Construction Drawing
○ Equipment Layout
○ Plant Layout
○ Pipe Route Layout
○ Cable Route Layout
○ Sections & Elevations
○ Piping & Instrumentation Diagram
○ Isometric Diagrams
○ 3D Modelling

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Difficulties in the representation of the plan
Manual drafting is very time-consuming
We find it difficult to share and collaborate on drawings with other team members as it includes different file formats.
We find it challenging to keep up with software updates as that can be time-consuming and expensive
More errors in manual drafting
Difficulties in applying different concepts
We don't want to invest in training or hire outside expertise for accurate and up-to-date drafting
We don't have competency in the required standards to meet while drafting


Human Error Prevention
Final design output
Quick Prototyping
Easy alterations
Accurate quality drawings
Enables information sharing internally

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Chartered Engineer


Competent Team


subject matter expertise


20+ years of experience

study Knowladge

Detailed knowledge


Technology Awareness

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Cad Feasibility Study

Why Elegrow

We have been dealing with industries/companies for so long and have observed that many projects fail due to inaccuracy in the drawing/documents at the planning stage. As our team has shopfloor experience, we better know the concepts to be applied which are realistic and hence we are competent enough to deliver accurate drawings/documents.CAD Drafting Software we use – AutoCAD 2D, AutoCAD 3D, Revit, Solidworks

30 +
Chemical Plant
100 +
Renewable energy
20 +
7 +
EV Infrastructure
50 +

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