Power Quality Audit

Power Quality Audit

The Power Quality Audit (PQA) is a service that checks the reliability, efficiency and safety of an organization’s or Industry’s electrical system. It is used to describe the extent of variation of the voltage, current and frequency of the power system. The variation of voltage and current can either be in terms of magnitude or waveform shape/distortion. Power Quality Determines the fitness of electrical power to consumer devices. Without the proper power, an electrical device (or load) may malfunction, fail prematurely or not operate at all.

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Non-Compliance With Standards & Regulation Norms
Un-Awareness Of Power Quality Audit & Its Benefits
Power Loss Problem
Unawareness Of The Latest Technology & Equipment
Low Power Factor or Greater than > 1 PF
Failure Of Equipment Even If The Protection System Is In Place
Energy Loss Problem / Capacitor Not Working
Equipment Or Electronics Card Failures

What will you get from this service

Will give Smooth Running of Electrical System and keep you safe and sound, as well have monetary gains
Internal Company Engineers will get clarity about Power Quality Audit & Benefits
Detection of actual issue & recommended solutions as applicable
100% compliance with the relevant codes and standards
100% Compliance with the safety regulations
Energy Loss will be covered
Reduced Production Losses
Increased Instruments lifespan
Policies Development & Upgradation
Ensured system safety

Key Benefits of Power Quality Audit




Cost Effective


Increased Reliability Upto 99% Reduced Equipment Failures Upto 27%


70-80% Equipment Failure Rate


IEC 61000 EN50160

Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution systems

IEEE 519 : 2014

Recommended Practice and Requirement of Harmonics Control in Power System

IEEE 1159 – 1995

IEEE Recommended Practices for Monitoring Electrical Power Quality


Power Quality Standards Coordinating Committee

IEEE P1564

Voltage Sag Indices

IEEE 1346

Power System Compatibility with Process Equipment

IEEE 1433

Power Quality Definitions

IEEE P1453

Voltage Flicker, IEEE Recommended Practice – Adoption of IEC 61000 – 4 – 15: 2010

Benefits Of Power Quality Audit

Grid code and regulatory compliance
Redeced hidden energy loass, nuisance tripping
Solutions against harmonics issues
help cut costs of equipment failure and replacement

Case Studies


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I am a business owner/project manager/plant head and

Power Quality Audit

Why Elegrow

We have performed 150+ Power Quality Audits, and as a part of Power Quality Audits, we help more than 100+ clients to help them comply with the IEEE Standards & Regulations.

That helped them –


Improved Equipment/system Health


Reduced equipment/system damages


Owners/managers/ technician's awareness about Audit developed – n+


10+ Years of experience


Multi countries experience

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