Earthing System Health Assessment

Earthing System Health Assessment

The Process of Transferring the Immediate Discharge of The Electrical Energy Directly to The Earth by the Help of the Low Resistance Wire is Known as The Electrical Earthing. The Electrical Earthing is Done by Connecting the Non-current Carrying Part of the Equipment or Neutral of Supply System to the Ground.


Soil Resistivity Test


Continuity Test


Earth Loop Impedance


Grid Integrity Test


Earthing Electrode Resistance


Prospective Fault Current Test


Step & Touch Potential Test

Our client


need to know the details about Earthing System Health Analysis
want to know details about earthing health analysis of EHV system
Facing too many failures/malfunctions of equipment/system
Issues in Safety of humans & Equipment
unaware of the Earthing System Health Assessment Requirements
The system is not compliant with the standards

What you will get

Minimized the risk of human or equipment loss
Minimized the risk of Electrical Fire and accidents
Increased Productivity due to decreased downtime
100% compliance with the relevant codes and standards
clarity to engineering team about Testing Methodology & its Benefits
Increased safety for equipment/system/employees
100% Compliance with the safety regulations
Reduced costs from unexpected maintenance

Key Benefits of Earthing System Health Assessment

  • Nuisance Tripping Reduction

  • Identifies 99% Of Faults Correctly

  • System Reliability Depends On This


IS 3043:

Code of Practice for Earthing

IEEE 81: 2012:

Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance, and Earth Surface Potentials of a Grounding System

IEEE 80: 2013:

Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding

IEEE 142: 2007:

IEEE Recommended Practice for Grounding of Industrial & Commercial Power System

CEA: 2010:

Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply

NBC: 2016:

Provides guidelines for construction of structures

Regulatory Requirements:

CEA – 2010:

Chapter 2 Part b, 10 – Electrical System Technical Standards for Construction of Thermal Generating Stations.

  • The Earthing System Shall Be Designed for a Life Expectancy of at Least Forty (40) Years and for Maximum System Fault Current or 40 KA for 1.0 Sec, whichever is Higher.
  • The Minimum Rate of Corrosion of Steel Used for Earthing Conductor Shall be Considered as 0.12 mm per Year While Determining the Conductor Size. Grounding and Lightning Protection for The Entire Station shall be Provided in Accordance with Relevant IS (Indian Standard) / IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Standards.

CEA – 2010:

Technical Standards for Construction of Electrical Plants and Electric Lines Regulations – 2010. Chapter – 3, 37. Electrical system,
8 – Grounding system.

  • The Grounding System Shall be Designed for a Life Expectancy of at Least Fifty (50) Years, For Maximum Fault Current of The System. The Touch and Step Potentials Shall be Maintained within Acceptable Limits as Per Relevant IEEE/ IS/ IEC Standards.

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Earthing System Health Assessment

Why Elegrow

We do provide feasibility services pan India. As Elegrow Technology team has the experience and expertise related to engineering design, system studies and simulations and technical services make us better to predict the risks and plan effectively.

That helped them –


Improved Equipment Health


Improved System Health


Reduced Production Loss & Electrical Bill


10+ Years of experience

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