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Partial Discharges (PD) Are Small Electrical Sparks That Occur Within The Insulation Of Medium And High Voltage Electrical Assets. Each Discrete Partial Discharge Is The Result Of An Electrical Breakdown Of An Air Pocket Within The Insulation. These Discharges Erode Insulation And Eventually Result In Insulation Failure. Partial Discharge Testing can be performed Online as well as offline.

Need for partial discharge testing
Insulation faults are a major cause leading to the eventual breakdown and failure of electrical equipment. Therefore, the insulation condition must be verified throughout equipment lifecycles.
When Partial Discharge Happens
During Manufacturing - Solid insulators are designed to give an even distribution of electrical stress between the conducting electrodes. defects can arise during manufacture that gives rise to small cavities or voids in the insulation bulk.
- Equipment installation
When electrical equipment is factory assembled or installed on-site, mistakes can be made that either damage and therefore weaken the insulation or cause increased electrical stress across the insulation.
- Ageing and deterioration
Most insulating materials naturally deteriorate with age as internal chemical bonds break down. This process makes the insulation weaker and less durable.
- Overstressed in-service
The increased electrical stress or heating from the current overload can cause permanent damage to the insulation.
- In-service damage
Electrical equipment can be physically damaged whilst in service due to external factors.
When to carry out pd testing At the time of
1. Development phase
2. At the time of type and routine test
3. Site condition monitoring
4. Diagnostic testing
1 and 2 steps are more critical and should be carried out by manufacturer/laboratory to ensure the quality of the material. 3 And 4 can be verified with the help of engineering service providers. Both are critical because it involves the major cost of safety and production loss.
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Generally Experienced Challenges

Non-Compliance with Standards & Regulation Norms
Un-awareness of Partial Discharge Testing & its Benefits
Frequent power loss problem
Unawareness of the latest Technology & Equipment
Fault due to a short circuit in the existing system
Problems of Cable , Insulation and other Breakdowns

What will you get in this service?

Reduced the Risk of Human or Equipment loss
Reducing the Risk of Electrical Fire
Reducing the Risk of unplanned Electrical Outages
Increased Productivity due to decreased Down Time
Increase in safety for employers, employees, and other personnel
Reduced costs from unexpected maintenance issues due to emergency breakdowns
Reduced incidences of power/system failures
Reduced costs in insurance premiums

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Partial Discharge Testing

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