Energy Audit Services in India


Energy Audit

An energy audit is required to do at an Industrial, Commercial or Residential building to determine its Energy Efficiency. Energy Efficiency means using optimum energy to do the same job. The audit will provide you with a complete electricity consumption and energy efficiency assessment. This helps understand how energy is used within the plant and to find opportunities for improvement and energy saving.

Energy Audits are conducted based on the functioning, size and type of Industries considering the depth to which the energy audit is needed to identify the potential and magnitude of energy savings within the reduction targets framed by the industries.

The primary objective of an Energy Audit in any industry/sector is to determine ways to lower operating costs and reduce energy consumption. Energy Audits help us to identify the main locations where losses, wastages or inefficiencies occur.


Preliminary Energy Audit


Detailed Energy Audit

The Major Steps Involved In This

Recording The Energy Consumption In The Industry
Identify The Scope Of Saving
Identify The Most Likely Areas For Attention
Identify Immediate Improvements And Saving Options
Seat A Reference Point
Identify Potential Areas Of Focus For More Detailed Studies

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Reactive power & voltage issues across the distribution system
Non-compliance with standards & regulation norms.
Non-compliance with bee guidelines
Want employees to understand the importance of energy management and optimization
Higher energy bills and production costs
Unawareness about the latest technology & equipment to reduce energy loss & money
Power loss problem
Want to utilize the resources in a proper manner

What will you get

Policies Development & Upgradation
100% safety & Standards compliance
Clarity about Energy Audit & Benefits.
Minimized energy losses
Increased productivity with optimized use of electricity
Justified electricity useage
improve production, the efficiency of work and competitiveness
will identify energy-saving opportunities.

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I am a business owner/project manager/plant head and

Energy Audit

Case Studies


Energy Audit Regulations

CEA Regulations 2010

The interval of time for conduct and completion of subsequent energy audits shall be three years with effect from the date of submission of the previous energy audit report by the accredited energy auditor to the management of the designated consumer.

1.5 (b) consumers to whom electrical energy is supplied for an industrial purpose and whose contracted demand is 500-kilo volt-amperes or more.

Why Elegrow

We have performed 50+ Energy Audits, and as a part of Energy Audits, we help more than 50+ clients to help them comply with the BEE Standards & Regulations.

That helped them –

Improve Equipment Health
Improve System Health
Reduce Production Loss & Electrical Bill
50 +
Owners/managers/technician's awareness about Energy Audit developed
10 +
Years of experience

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