Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety audit

Electrical Safety Audit is a set of activities to examine the current level of safety of the Management System and electrical of any industrial unit or organization.

Electrical Safety Audit Is A Set Of Activities To Examine The Current Level Of Safety Of The Management System And Electrical Of Any Industrial Unit Or Organization. We provide 100% standard compliance as per requirement while performing electrical safety audits. Elegrow Technology offers Electrical Safety Audit Services that include.

On-Site Data Collection
Visual Inspection
Verification Of Existing Technical Documents As Per Standards
Existing Earthing System Health Assessment
Existing Lightning Protection System Adequacy Study
Power Quality Analysis
Thermal Imaging To Identify Thermal Effects
Static Electricity Compliance Study
Report Submission And Training To The Team So That They Can Keep Safety Maintained

Why is it Required?

The risk in electrical work is higher than in any other job. Any flaw in the electrical circuit in the workplace could make the system less efficient
or put the lives of employees at higher risk.


Equipment & System Safety Against Electrical Fault


Working Safety of the Employees


Existing policies and methodology implementation


Asset condition testing


Training & Skill development

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Unclear About Electrical Safety Audit Benefits
Confused About How Frequently The Safety Audit Should Be Carried Out
Unaware Of The Value Addition From The External Electrical Safety Audits
Unclear About The Standards That Need To Comply
Evaluation Of The Safety Of The Equipment And Systems
Identification Of The Direct And Indirect Risks Of Electrical Hazards
Methodology Of Carrying Out A Safety Audit
Budget Allocation For The Safety Audit

Value Addition

Safe work practices establishment
100% standard & Regulation compliance with safety
Increased equipment and system safety/lifespan
Identifies hidden risks and provides recommendation
Identification of areas of risk or vulnerability in the existing electrical systems and installations.
Assisting in the management of Electrical risk

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Electrical Safety Audit

Why Elegrow

We have performed 100+ electrical safety audits across industries till now. Our experience has made us technically sound in the electrical
safety audit. We have observed a major issue in safety is unawareness of the standards and right safety practices which lead to causing electrical fires/accidents and can also result in fatality/serious injury.

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