Data Collection & Mapping

Free Consultation to verify if you have all the required technical documents in place

Data Collection & Mapping

Before starting with the project construction. Expansion, new construction, and asset management to know the accurate details of the existing site are important to plan a roadmap and to arrive at better conclusions. The Crucial part is to understand which information is needed, the methodology to be selected to gather the data and the accuracy of data we require and that completely depends on the proposed application of the required data.

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Doesn’t Have As Build Documents In Place
Has Half Updated/Un-Updated Data
Looking For Expansion/Up-Gradation Of The Existing System
Looking Forward To Getting The Technical Audits Done
Want A Centralized Documents Control Centre For Ease Of Working Or
If Continuous Asset Management Is Required

Data Collection Methodologies


physical Verifications


Total Station Survey


Drone Survey



Record Keeping

The documented data can be used anytime in future for any reference to the work Compliance Helps in adhering to the compliance required by the codes, standards & regulations

input for various audit

Saves on hustle when your system needs audit as all the data will be in place

historical analysis

Helps companies analyze past data to make better decisions

expansion and up-gradation

Helps in analyzing existing scenarios in case of expansion/up-gradation


As these documents will be saved in the system, no more file maintenance will be there, and you will lose no data

Case Studies


Why Elegrow

Our 360-degree knowledge & experience along with 100% technology awareness and capability for technology adoption can help you choose us. To help companies right from the planning stage to the operation stage we understand the importance of accurate data.


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