Gas & Air Leakage Testing


Leaks Can Be a Significant Source of Wasted Energy in An Industrial Compressed Air System, That Can Result In 20-30% Wasting of A Compressor’s Output Sometimes. As the compressor output is not expected due to pressure drop because of gas & air leakages one might think of buying another compressor to fix the issue but in this case, detecting leakages with the help of Gas and Air leakage Testing would help and save on additional unnecessary costs. If Regular Maintenance Activities Have Not Been Followed, A Possible gas & Air Leakage Rate Can Be Equal To 20% Of the Total Compressed Air Production Capacity.

We do Gas & Air leakage testing with the help of an NL acoustic camera. This camera gives an immediate analysis and report on the gas and air leakages in the system and helps us make better maintenance decisions.


Inefficient tools and lower productivity
Drops in air pressure resulting from leaks can greatly impact the productivity of your plant by causing tools to operate inefficiently and creating an overall less-productive environment.
Reduction in the longevity of your equipment
Because leaks cause a higher demand for air power than what is typically needed, compressors need to cycle more frequently, which can result in a decreased lifespan of your compressed air system. This could be a very expensive investment, which can be avoided through routine maintenance and inspection, so leaks are identified and repaired.
Increased maintenance expenses
Air leaks not only reduce your compressor’s longevity by putting a higher demand on the system but leaks also likely mean more frequent repairs and maintenance expenses than if the compressor were operating at peak performance and output.
Losses due to downtime
If your system is experiencing unnecessary demands, and maintenance is the result, you may be faced with downtime which can severely hamper productivity and profits.
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A thorough analysis of the compressed air systems through an Ultrasonic camera
Identification of the possible air leakages
Recommendations to fix the issues
Instant technically justified reports

What makes us stand out?


Owned instrument


Competent team


Instant reports


100% standard compliance

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Air Gas Leakage Testing

Why Elegrow

As Elegrow technology is into Electrical as well as mechanical engineering design and testing we are aware of the compressed air leakage problems and can mitigate those effects. Owning an acoustic Air leakage detection camera helps customers get the service at competitive pricing.

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