Protective Device Coordination

Protective Device Coordination

Relay Coordination is the selection and/or setting of Relay in order to isolate only the portion of the system where the abnormality occurs. The
majority of Relay coordination is used in an electrical power system where the system voltage is more than 11 kV.

Relay Coordination Is the Selection And/or Setting of a Relay in Order to Isolate Only The Portion Of The System Where The Abnormality Occurs.

The Majority of Relay Coordination Is Used in An Electrical Power System Where the System Voltage Is More Than 11 KV. With the help of relay coordination, facilities can ensure the minimum loss conditions.

In protective device coordination, these devices must be coordinated to ensure that the device nearest the fault point will operate first. To meet this requirement, protective devices must be rated or set to operate on minimum overcurrent, in minimum time, and still be selective with other devices on the system to achieve effective protective device coordination.


Load Flow Study


Short Circuit Study


Protective Device Coordination

Our client

Generally experienced challenges

The Protection Devices Are Not Operating On Time
Electrocution Is Taking Place
Don’t Know If The Existing Protection System Is Adequate
The Protection Device Is Tripping Unnecessarily
One Failure Is Resulting In More Failures
Electrical Fires In The System Even After Protection System Exists
Experience Unnecessary Shutdowns Often
Have Not Designed The Protection System As Per NFPA, OSHA, ISO, NEC

What you will get in protective device coordination study?

Protection device coordination
Root cause analysis
Analysis of existing protection system
Synchronization of the overall system
Standard compliant protection system

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Licensed ETAP Software


NFPA Compliance


Chartered Engineering


Competent Team


10+ years of experience


standard compliance

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Protective Device Coordination

Why Elegrow

As engineering consultants, we have carried out many industrial safety audits and root cause analyses across industries and have observed that the major reason for nuisance tripping is the improper setting of the protective devices in the system. Hence we understand the importance of effective protective device coordination at the ground level

Protective device coordination studies done -

6 +
Pharmaceutical Plant
50 +
Chemical Plant
2 +
Rubber Manufacturing
50 +
Power Plants

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