Motor Starting Study

Motor Starting Study

A motor-starting study is performed to determine the voltages, currents, and starting times involved when starting large motors or a group of motors, either sequentially or simultaneously. Motor-starting studies are carried out to help ensure that Motors will start with an appropriate/acceptable voltage drop.



Induction Motor


Synchronous Motor

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Nuisance Tripping In The System
Other Device's Performance Gets Impacted When The Motor Runs
Voltage Drop And Reactive Power Issues At The Distribution Network
Unaware Of The Required Modifications Before Adding Large Motors

What value it will add to the system

protects the motor from drawing a high starting current
Gives Protection Against Overload and Short Circuit Faults
Provides necessary protections across the system
Increases system reliability

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Licenced Software


Chartered Engineer


competent team


20+ years of experience


multi-countries served


standard compliance

Case Studies


Why Elegrow

In our 20+ years of service we have come across many systems experiencing frequent tripping because of improper motor starting analysis as Excessive starting current results in a drop in terminal voltage and may result in the following:

Motor Starting Failure Due To Low Starting Torques

Unnecessary Operation Of Under Voltage Relays

Stalling Of Other Running Motors Connected To The Network

Voltage Dips At The Power Sources And Consequent Flicker In The Lighting System

Connected Equipment Damage

As we have seen these faults in the field itself hence, we understand these problems better.

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