Insulation Coordination Study

Insulation Coordination Study

Insulation coordination is a critical aspect of system studies and simulations in electrical power systems. It involves the selection and coordination of insulation levels and protective devices to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the system.

By considering factors such as system voltage, environmental conditions, and safety margins, insulation levels are determined for various equipment and components. System studies and simulations then analyze the ability of the insulation to withstand overvoltage events, such as lightning strikes, switching operations, and faults. The strength of the insulation, dielectric withstand capabilities, and transient response of the equipment are evaluated.

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Unaware of the Standards that need to comply in An Insulation Coordination Study
Don’t have a competent Team to perform Insulation Coordination Study
Unaware of when to carry out Insulation Coordination Studies
Don’t have sufficient infrastructure to perform insulation coordination study
Unaware of the steps and methodology to carry out an insulation coordination study
Don’t know if Insulation Coordination is required

What you will get from Insulation Coordination Study

Enhanced system reliability and uptime
Improved equipment lifespan
Increased system safety
Optimized system performance
Compliance with industry standards and regulations
Enhanced understanding of insulation coordination principles
Reduction in operational risks and incidents
Cost Optimization

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Our Expertise & Experience


Comprehensive Approach


Licensed infrastructure


Strong Documentation & Reporting


Recommendations & Mitigation Strategies


Client Education & Support

Applicable Standards –

NFPA 70E:2021: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace
ISO 18251-1-2017: Infrared Thermography Part 1 Characteristics of system and equipment
ISO 6781: Thermal Insulation – Qualitative Detection of Thermal irregularities in Building Envelopes
ASTEM: E1934: Standard Guide for Examining Electrical and Mechanical Equipment with Infrared Thermography
IEC-62446-3: Photovoltaic (PV) systems – Requirements for testing, documentation, and maintenance -Part 3: Photovoltaic modules and
plants – Outdoor infrared thermography

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We are a design consultant with 30+ years of experience and the documents we provide are system generated and backed by manual verification hence are more accurate and reliable.

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Insulation Coordination Study Performed

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