Harmonics Study

Harmonics Study

Harmonics are electrical currents or voltages that have frequencies that are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency (50 or 60 Hz). These harmonics can be generated by nonlinear loads such as power electronic devices, variable frequency drives,rectifiers, and certain types of lighting.

A harmonics study is an assessment conducted to analyze and evaluate the presence and impact of harmonic distortion in an electrical power system.

The purpose of a harmonics study is to understand the levels of harmonic distortion in the system, identify potential issues caused by harmonics, and recommend mitigation measures if necessary.

Our client


a power system experiences power quality issues such as voltage distortion, flickering lights
Unaware of the potential impact of the new loads on the system's harmonic levels
Experiencing unexpected equipment failures or malfunctions in a power system
Don't know when to carry out harmonics study
Experiencing increased losses in power distribution systems, resulting in reduced energy efficiency.
Unaware of the steps and methodology to carry out an insulation coordination study
Don't know if the system is compliant with the harmonic limits set by Utilities, grid operators, and regulatory bodies
Don't have expertise and infrastructure to carry out Harmonics Study

What value will be added by the Harmonics Study

Equipment Protection and Reliability
Compliance with Standards and Regulations
Efficient Power System Operation
Troubleshooting and Diagnosis of Power Quality Issues
Valuable Insights and Data on Future Planning and Mitigation
Optimized system performance
Reliability and performance optimization

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Our Expertise & Experience


Comprehensive Approach


Licensed infrastructure


Strong Documentation & Reporting


Recommendations & Mitigation Strategies


Client Education & Support

Applicable Standards –

IEEE 3002.8-2018: Harmonic Studies & Analysis of Industrial & Commercial Power System
IEE 519-2014: Harmonics and Power Factor

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Why Elegrow

Elegrow Technology has expertise and experience in this field. Our team's deep knowledge of power quality, harmonic analysis techniques, and relevant standards sets us apart. Our ability to provide accurate measurements, advanced analysis, and practical recommendations for mitigating harmonic distortion makes us stand out from our competition. Our customized approach and comprehensive solutions demonstrate our commitment to addressing the unique needs and challenges of each client. Effective communication, clear documentation, and reliable support further differentiate your consultancy in delivering high-quality harmonics studies.

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Harmonics Study Performed

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