Arc Flash Study

Arc Flash Study

When any short circuit happens between two live conductors in an electrical network either by direct contact or indirect contact, it will lead to a fault in the electric network. This fault will generate an electric arc which in turn leads to a flash which is generally known as an electric arc flash.

When Any Short Circuit Happens Between Two Live Conductors in An Electrical Network Either by Direct Contact or Indirect Contact, It Will Lead to A Fault In The Electric Network. This Fault Will Generate an Electric Arc Which in Turn Leads to A Flash Which Is Generally Known as An Electric Arc Flash.

An arc flash study is a risk assessment to ensure electrical safety at the workplace required by OSHA, NFPA 70E and NFPA 70. Arc Flash Study determine the incident energy to which a worker may be exposed during work and how to protect the worker from the heat, fire, and blast associated with an arc flash accident.

An Arc Flash Study Helps Companies

Determine Over-Duty Electrical Devices
Determine Miscoordination Of Overcurrent Protection Devices
Determine The Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Required While Working On The Energized Electrical Network
Ensure Full Compliance With The Arc Flash Codes And Standards
Ensure Safe Work Conditions For Employees

Load Flow Study


Short Circuit Analysis


Protective Device Coordination


Arc Flash Analysis

Our client


Electrical Safety Policies And Practices Are Not In Place
Non-Compliance With Safety Regulations
Non-Compliance To NFPA 70e, OSHA, ISO 45000:1, NEC
Team Awareness Issues And Skills Regarding Workplace Safety
Reactive Power & Voltage Issues Across The Distribution System
Fault Due To A Short Circuit In The Existing System
Protection Devices Are Not Operating On Time
Failure Of Equipment Even The Protection System Is In Place
Difficulties In Selecting A Right PPE
Arc Flash Boundaries Are Not Defined

What you will get by performing Arc Flash Study

Policies Development & Upgradation
100% Compliance with the codes, standards & regulations
Training and Capacity Building
Load Flow Analysis
Short Circuit Analysis
Protection Device & Relay Co-Ordination
The right PPE selection
Defining the arc flash boundaries

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Licensed ETAP Software


NFPA Compliance


Chartered Engineer


Competent Team

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Arc Flash Study

Why Elegrow

We have performed 100+ safety audits, and as a part of safety audits, we conducted the ARC flash study for more than 85+ clients to help them comply with the NFPA 70e standard.

That helped them –


Be In The Top 3% Of The Safest Workplaces In India


Achieve Zero Accidents And Incidents Annual Target


Owners/Managers Technician's Skil Development – 500+


20+ Years Of Experience


Multi Countries Experience

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