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Solar engineering consultants provide solutions right from The Planning Stage To The Operation Stage Where Different Deliverables Are Prepared Which Are Then Cross-Verified With The Relevant Codes & Standards, Policies & Regulations With The Help Of Various Software Tools. Each Document is Out From Step-By-Step Design Process and Will Be Used For Various Purpose Throughout The Process.

Elegrow Technology has been working as a solar engineering consultant for the past 12+ years and has the required competent team and knowledge of standards & infrastructure in place.


Project Feasibility


Pre-bid Engineering


Design Engineering


Detailed Engineering

Our client

More than 22 BESS were designed by us in 2011 and they are still running perfectly fine
Designed and commissioned the
First grid-connected solar system in 2015
We were part of the engineering design team of the First Solar Project in India at charanka, gujarat


Change In The Government Policy
Permit Problems From The Higher Authority
Not Able To Bid Accurately Due To Global Price Fluctuation
Estimated Generation Is Not Matching With Actual Generation
Unable To Get The Claim Passed By The Insurance Company For The Damages
Difficulties In Profitability Projection And The Timeline Of The Project
Getting Lower Profits Compared To The Estimation
Don’t Have A Team To Develop Engineering Design Documents
Unable To Get The Replacement From The Manufacture
The End Customer Is Not Approving The Design Drawing And Asking For Technical Justifications
pv solar


Policies & regulations Analysis
Codes, Standard & regulations compliance
realistic yield analysis
Pre-bid technical support
Usable design deliverables
Cost estimations

What makes us stand out as solar engineering consultants from the crowd


100% Standard Compliance


Competent Engineering team


subject matter expertise


Multi countries experience


20+ years of experience

Why Elegrow

We Are Aligned With The Latest Technology Since 2002. We Normally Understand All The Details About The Technology, Adapt To It And Then Go For The Implementation. Our Experience And Expertise In Field Technical Services Have Made Us More Focused On The Designing Of The System As We Have Observed The Loopholes Very Closely. That helped us be ahead of the market competition as solar engineering consultants.

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I am a business owner/project manager/plant head and

PV Solar System Design

Why Elegrow

We are aligned with the latest technology since 2002. We normally understand all the details about the technology, adapt to it and then go for the implementation. Our experience and expertise in field technical services have made us more focused on the designing of the system as we have observed the loopholes very closely.

More than 100 business owners decided to break the stereotypes and follow the realistic and relevant design process that

Increased productivity by 13%
Profitability - Up to 6%
Project timeline accuracy 98%

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