Feasibility Study

Free Technical Analysis of the Existing business plan

Feasibility Study

It provides an in-depth picture of the plan to the team of engineers carrying it out so that they can make the necessary changes wherever there is scope for it, and it further helps them to determine whether or not it will be profitable for the company.


Policy & Regulation Study


Technology Selections


Commercial Viability

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Unaware Of The Policies That Need To Be Considered
Unaware Of The Relevant Regulations That Need To Be Followed
Unable To Select Technology Suitable For The Project
Unsure If The Project Costing And Estimated Cost-Benefit Analysis Are Correct
Unclear Of The Technical Factors That Need To Consider
How To Decide On The Timeline Of The Project
Optimization Of The Resources
Projecting The Existing And Upcoming Hidden Risks
fesiblity study

What you will get

Analysis of policies & Regulations
Codes & Standards Compliance
Technology evaluation and selection
Risks identification & analysis
Basic engineering & cost-benefit analysis
technical parameters Selection
Realistic project planning
Resource optimization

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Chartered Engineer


Competent Team


subject matter expertise


20+ years of experience

study Knowladge

Detailed knowledge


Technology Awareness

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Feasibility Study

Why Elegrow

We do provide feasibility services pan India. As Elegrow Technology team has the experience and expertise related to engineering design, system studies and simulations and technical services make us better to predict the risks and plan effectively.

30 +
Chemical Plant
100 +
Renewable energy
20 +
7 +
EV Infrastructure
50 +

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