Detailed Engineering

Detailed Engineering

Detailed Engineering is a superset of design engineering. This includes design and relevant external factors such as basic project planning, the
scope of work for the different stakeholders, inspections and test plan preparation, quality monitoring system establishment, project technical
progress tracking, onsite query resolution, project commissioning, and startup support.


Electrical Design

  • System Design


Mechanical Design

  • Equipment Design
  • System Design


Civil Design

  • Structures & Foundation Design
  • Building & Space Planning


Instrumentation Design

  • Control Philosophy &

Our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Lack Of Clarity To Begin With The Construction Of The Project
Issues In Planning Step-By-Step Execution Of The Project
Issues In Clarity Of The Required Technical Documents
Difficulties In Scope Of Work Preparation For The Planned Project
Unclear If The Planned Project Is Realistic And Practical
Lack Of Clarity On Policies/Regulations That Are Important To Consider
Deciding On The Timeline To Implement The Project Effectively
Difficulties In Accurate Breakeven Analysis
Lack Of Clarity On Standards That Need To Be Considered
Clarity On Investments Needs To Be Made


Step-by-step assistance
Project pathway construction
Detailed engineering documents
scope of work preparation
100% standards compliance
Policies and regulations analysis
project timeline and budget estimations
Accurate cost-benefit analysis
Planned project analysis and evaluation

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Our rich shopfloor experience


policies and regulations awareness


Strongly justified technical analysis


Standards compliance



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Detailed Engineering

Why Elegrow

As we have been providing engineering and technical services to clients across sectors, we understand things at the ground level. We have worked with companies which didn’t have detailed documents in place at the time of the expansion/up-gradation and had to rush for the same at the time of the project expansion/up-gradation planning which resulted in more time and cost consumption. Hence we provide our clients with all the necessary drawings/documents which they will need in future.

25 +
Clean Energy Solutions
50 +
Chemical Plants
10 +
Textile & Dyes

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