Design Engineering

Free Technical Analysis of the Existing business plan

Design Engineering

Design engineering is basically using “engineering” to “design” products/ machines/systems/tools/equipment and any other physical thing. Design Engineering is carried out in the initial phase of the project to get the necessary design documents to move ahead with the project procurement/execution.


Electrical Design

  • System Design


Mechanical Design

  • Equipment Design
  • System Design


Civil Design

  • Structures & Foundation Design
  • Building & Space Planning


Instrumentation Design

  • Control Philosophy &

our client

Generally Experienced Challenges

Unawareness Of The Applicable Standards
Right Equipment Selection
Placement Of The Equipment Within The System
Unclear About The Material And The Quantity To Be Procured
Unaware Of The List Of Equipment Need To Fulfil The Project
Unable To Validate The Design
Difficulties In An Effective Procurement
Don't Have A Technically Competent Designing Team


codes & standards Compliance
Right equipment selection
Optimized equipment layout
Accurate Design calculations
Details about equipment & consumables
Procurement assistance

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Competent team with shopfloor experience


subject matter expertise


20+ years of experience


knowledge about policies & regulations


Technology Awareness

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I am a business owner/project manager/plant head and

Design Engineering

Why Elegrow

We have been dealing with the industries/companies for so long and have observed that major of people are confused and lack clarity for the design and detailed engineering terms. They consider these two terms the same. Hence, we normally educate our clients for their better understanding and then work on the requirement.

We consider it our responsibility to help our clients with better understandability and solution.

300 +
Clean energy solution
10 +
100 +
10 +
Textile & Dyes

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