Power System Study

Load Flow, Short Circuit, Protective Device Coordination, Motor Acceleration, Harmonics, ARC Flash Studies

Power System Study

The goal of the Power System Study is to have a safe, efficient and reliable power system for the facility under normal and abnormal conditions.
Our expertise lies in the domain of Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal and Power System Studies. As an Electrical Design Consultant, we assess and study complex Electrical Systems, identify areas that need improvement and recommend viable solutions to minimise Risks and Hazards.

Load Flow Study

Power flow and voltage drop calculations
  • Voltage drop study and power flow analysis
  • Power factor correction
  • Transformer LTC actions
  • Real & reactive power losses

Short Circuit

Identify adequacy of equipment to withstand short circuit energy
  • Ensures personnel and equipment protection
  • Establish proper interrupting ratings of protective devices

Motor Acceleration

Calculate motor acceleration time and the voltage impact of motor starting
  • Asses Load & Generation transitioning
  • Identify Motor Load and dynamics
  • Assess voltage flicker
  • Dynamic motor acceleration


Study the impact of non-linear loads
  • Reduce nuisance trips
  • Design & test filters
  • Report harmonic voltage and current distortion limit
  • Identify harmonic current and voltage sources

Protection & Coordination

Analyse system protection and troubleshoot false trips, relay and breaker mis-operation, mis-coordination
  • The settings and ratings of each protective device as determined by the analysis
  • Comparison with present filed settings and ratings

ARC Flash

Identify and analyse high risk arc flash areas in power system
  • Identify PPE requirement
  • Estimation of arc flash intensity
  • Arc flash boundary (safe distance)
  • Electrical shock safety