Explanation of Power System Studies

Energy is essential to our daily activities, from commercial to industrial applications. This leads us to the importance of efficient power system engineering to make sure that there is enough electrical power supply. Engineers conduct power system studies to understand how an electrical system must perform. Likewise, these studies are used to determine an unexpected event or fault’s severity. Data in a power system study is useful in safeguarding workers as it helps determine the personal protective equipment level that must be used and reduce equipment damage by optimizing the protective devices’ fault clearing capabilities.

Power system studies vary per calculation method and their purpose. Every analysis is designed for a specific power system, and any changes in that system can affect results and may require recalculation. Reputable engineering teams can conduct a power system study of an array of applications, such as failure analysis, design engineering, quality studies, and on-site investigation and studies. Here is an overview of some of the different studies they can conduct:

  • Load flow – This looks into an entire system’s steady state, which can be defined by factors like the reactive and real power generated, voltages, and line and absorbed losses. It is among the critical factors in power system operation and planning.
  • Protective device coordination – These power system studies ensure that the system can work safely to avoid nuisance tripping, which is caused by altering the protective devices and their respective settings during maintenance without proper analysis.
  • Arc flash study – This evaluation is performed by trained engineers on-site. After assessing the electrical system, they will provide a report discussing the areas of potential risks, and recommend the changes you should consider on your electrical system.

Power system studies also cover short circuits, motor starting, smart/micro grid and transient stability studies, and may be used to validate the overall system design. Be sure to hire a reputable and experienced engineering team to conduct these studies for you.