sustainable development & renewable energy

Sustainable development comes true if we can succeed in managing the conflicts between preservation of natural resources and economic development with the presumption of an economic system requiring more and more to satisfy seemingly unlimited needs.

Elegrow team has immense in house research and hand on experience in handling RE power particularly in the area of SOLAR and WIND Power generation .

Besides Solar and Wind Power renewable energy generation technologies Elegrow takes up WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMS ,Bio energy Systems and major renewable energy generation technologies concentrating on the type of Industry and available Renewable Energy Resources at the particular region

Green Building / Homes Design

Green Building / Homes Design “Sustainable development is maintaining a delicate balance between the human need to improve lifestyles and feeling of well-being on one hand, and preserving natural resources and ecosystems, on which we & future generations depend.” “Green Grow House” – is the concept of ELEGROW Technology at where we are trying to take care of our environment by providing good health, wealth and technology.

Solar & Wind Energy System Design

Concept to Commissioning advisory services for developing Solar & Wind Power Plants. Site identification, site inspection, pre-feasibility assessment & evaluation to determine viability of SPP. Techno-Economic Feasibility Report [TEFR] & Detailed Project Report [DPR] for Project Developers.

Assisting the project developers with complete Due-Diligence in EPC Selection & EPC help with site supervision & monitoring till commissioning of project. Project Management [PMC] in Design Engineering and Optimization along with EPC Help & Services.

Energy Management System Design

An energy management system (EMS) is a computer that controls the operation of all major building systems, in order to run the building efficiently and effectively. An EMS can reduce a building's overall energy use by about 30 percent.This Design Brief outlines several steps that building owners and designers can take to ensure that an EMS produces maximum benefits.