About Us

EleGrow Technology is team of Engineers who provide Design, Service & Up-gradation Solution for Industrial, Commercial, architectural and Residential with maximum possible transparency. We provide vital, reliable & International Level Services & Designs includes system up-gradation in the field of Electrical, Mechanical & Power System. We are not energy auditor, but we are creators. We provide different way to patrons for saving our beautiful natures in terms of Green Energy Sources. We the Engineers from ELEGROW believe and provide Design service by consideration of National & International Standards with best Quality and transparency.


The majority of our world's population lacks access to life's basic needs. We feel happy to develop and implement human-centred products to help them thrive by consideration of natural renewable energy sources.

ELEGROW Technology is group of design engineers who provide engineering and implementation support to the organizations in need of technologies of igniting change.

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We are engineers, designers and implementers.

We find out the energy sources, introduce technologies, and encourage trends that are appropriate, self-sustaining, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and culturally sensitive.


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Our Process



Meet & Identify Requirement


Planning & Scheduling


Engineering Design


Review & Upgrade


Testing & Commissioning


Results & Reports